Ops-Core - O2 Double Strap Kit (for FAST Helmets)



Ops-Core - O2 Double Strap Kit (for FAST Helmets)


  • Fits Para-Flite PHAOS and Carleton PHANTOM O2 masks
  • Requires Ops-Core FAST Helmet with rails
  • Designed specifically for the FAST Helmet
  • Easy attachment - swivel shoes slide into the upper and lower dovetails of the FAST ARCs


  • Snapdragon buckle for quick release of O2 mask
  • Head-Loc" Tabs for on-the-fly fit adjustment to tighten or loosen the straps
  • Provides two attachment points to each side rail for extra security
  • Swivel clip pivots inside the shoe to allow proper strap height alignment to fit PHAOS and PHANTOM masks
  • Available in Tan, Foliage Green and Black

* O2 Mask not included.


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