Drifire FR Ultralightweight Boxer Briefs



Drifire FR Ultralightweight Boxer Briefs

  • Perfect base layer for other DRIFIRE garments
  • Soft fabric prevents chafing
  • Antimicrobial to resist odor
  • Moisture-wicking and fast-drying

DRIFIRE is engineered to be inherently flame resistant, giving you Comfortable FR Wear protection that wont let you down over time. Unlike garments that use topical treatments to make their fabrics flame resistant, DRIFIRE uses inherently flame resistant fibers, ensuring that our safety features will not wash or wear out, or deteriorated with use. All DRIFIRE products, from flame resistant shirts to combat gear, are made with no-melt, no-drip fabrics, meaning that our apparel will not melt or fuse to skin when exposed to flame or fire. With excellent wicking and drying times that are significantly faster than cottons, our Comfortable FR Wear helps to regulate your skin temperature across a range of climates and work conditions, keeping you not only safe, but also comfortable.

For people who work in environments where flame or arc flash are real dangers, compliance with flame resistance guidelines and recommendations can mean the difference between coming home safely or jeopardizing you life and the livelihood of your loved ones. Our Comfortable FR Wear line gives you a way to achieve comfortable compliance. DRIFIRE offers a full line of arc-rated apparel for commercial markets that includes:

   Garments suitable for use under NFPA 70E guidelines

   Clothing compliant with ASTM F1506

   Arc-rated garments that meet HRC 1 and HRC 2 ratings

   A line of ANSI 107-certified Class 2 and Class 3 high-visibility garments

   Permanent flame resistance and comfort that wont wash or wear out

   No-melt, no-drip fabrics

   Excellent moisture wicking and fast drying

   Antimicrobial to resist odors

   Undergarments in various weights as well as fleece and woven outerwear that can be layered to meet your unique protection and comfort needs

DRIFIREs superior comfort and FR properties come from our patented, intimate blend of fibers that are inherently flame resistant, will not ignite, and will self-extinguish once the ignition source is removed.

Additionally, our fiber blend also optimizes the ratio of hydrophobic (water-hating) and hydrophilic (water-loving) fibers to ensure that our garments offer optimal wicking of moisture from the skin, and drying times that are significantly faster than competitors.

Because flame resistance and comfort are built right into our fabrics, we do not have to use any topical sprays or finishes to impart these properties on our garments. That means that the comfort and safety of your DRIFIRE garments will never wash or wear out over the wearable lifespan of the garment. Now if you choose to wear our super-comfortable, flame retardant shirts until they have holes in them . . . well, thats another story.

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