Granite Gear CHIEF Flatbed (without Flap)

Granite Gear Tactical


A versatile load carriage system based on the same frame and BACH suspension system as our CHIEF Patrol Pack. This system has extensive capabilities! Weve tested them carrying a full spectrum of hard to tote items like jerry cans, chain saws, weapons, dry bags and even an outboard motor. We have the capability to develop attachment kits to custom tune this piece to specific applications. A good example of this is the kit we developed to carry the sweet dry-bag custom built to fit the Flatbed pack system. Here we collaborated with Watershed who builds the best fully submersible waterproof bags. We can build a kit to carry most any load, give us a call! The latest addition to the CHIEF family of Load Carriage Systems is a versatile, mission oriented foundation in which to build a wide array of modular systems. We feel were just beginning to unravel the possibilities with this load carriage platform as so far it has lived up top every challenge thrown at it. Shown with Flap, sold separately.



Torso Sizes: Short | Regular | Long
Weight: 2.4kg
Suspension: CHIEF


500D Nylon Cordura Body
Tweave Stretch Woven Fabric


CHIEF FRAMESHEET A 3-D molded framesheet fits the contours of the back, and flexes with the body while maintaining exceptional support.

PIVOT POINT HARDWARE - Comfort is achieved with pivoting anchor points for shoulder straps and belts that also help maximize body movement. Torso length and shoulder harness width are adjustable for a custom fit.

BODY ARMOR COMPATIBLE HARNESS - The harness is customizable to fit over body armor. Extra shoulder strap padding is removable, and a lumbar pad is added for better load transfer.

NIR SOLUTION-DYED FABRIC Both the base fabric (500d), and webbing (1000d) consist of solution-dyed nylon (SDN) CORDURA fabrics that provide maximum Near Infra-red (NIR) signature reduction concealment properties.


COMPOSITE HYBRID INTERCHANGEABLE ERGONOMIC FRAMESHEET Naticks requirements for the SOF Patrol pack was to be able to carry 45kg comfortably, survive a 12m drop fully loaded, and weigh 3kg or less. The CHIEF frame is the key to meeting those requirements. The CHIEF System is engineered from a proprietary, continuously reinforced thermoplastic with distinct zones of flexibility, matching and supporting the soldiers natural spinal contours. The CHIEF frame can flex, but always returns to its original shape, never deforming like aluminum stays frequently do.

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