Military Utility Cloths (MUCs)



Military Utility Cloths (MUCs)


The MUCs tablet is designed as a highly portable moisture free, long life utility cloth with a wide variety of applications.  The tablets are contained in a water resistant, crush resistant resealable tube, each tube containing 10 tablets.

To use wet, open the container and place a tablet in the palm of the hand or in the cap of the service issue water bottle.  Re-hydrate the cloth by pouring sufficient water on the tablet such that it increases to four time it’s original size.  Unroll the cloth and use.  Uses include:

  • Face/hand wipe,
  • Toilet paper, and
  • Cleaning of equipment.

The cloth may also be re-hydrated with a disinfectant solution to provide a antiseptic wipe.

To use dry, use fingernails to pull apart the tablet along the compression lines on the side of the tablet.  The tablet should be stretched to four times it’s original size.  Unroll the cloth and use.  Dry uses include:

  • Lens cleaner,
  • Pull through for weapon (tear a strip of appropriate size from the cloth and insert in rod end), and
  • Weapon wipe (with the addition of cleaning/preservation fluid


Composition of the cloth:

100% viscose nonwoven fabric, white, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and without alcohol.


250mm x 250mm unfolded, 20mmx10mm folded, 50gsm - 10pcs/tube. 

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