Ops-Core Step-In Visor Lenses [SPECIAL ORDER]




  • Easily swap interchangeable lenses into compatibly sized Ops-Core Step-In Visor frame
  • Tool-less installation
  • Removable rubber side gaskets keep dirt and dust out of eyes when in use
  • HC-13 anti-scratch coating on outside of lens and MGAF anti-fog coating on inside
  • Meets all the ANSI Z87.1 spectacle requirements for ballistics and optics
  • Provides MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic protection


  • The clear visor offers ultimate protection and increases contract for maximum visibility during night operations or low light conditions


  • The tinted visor reduces brightness in direct and sunny conditions while maintaining color recognition and visual awareness

High Contrast

  • The High Contrast lenses are specially engineered for use in snow, haze, fog and low light conditions and allows user to maintain visual acuity


  • Proprietary dye formulation blocks common Cl Class 2, 1-5mW (blue 445nm at 1.5OD and green 532nm at 2.5OD) commercial laser light wavelengths
  • Maintains highest possible level of see-through color perception
  • VLT 40% allows function for both day and night applications
  • Protection of 1-2 OD reduces power by 10-100X

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