Gentex Digital Combat Helmet System

US based Gentex Corporation delivers comprehensive, advanced capabilities to meet the safety and diverse mission and job requirements of our customers, performed in some of the most challenging and high-performance environments. The Gentex Family of Tactical Headborne Systems (FTHS) is in use by leading military organisations, including US, UK, NZ and CAN Special Operations.

In 2020, Spearpoint led a team of 9 global Defence companies, under a Defence Innovation Contract, to demonstrate a digital combat helmet system that was based around a Gentex helmet as the primary user interface for situational awareness.  

Spearpoint’s integrated soldier system offering seeks to provide users with enhanced situational awareness and knowledge assimilation, using the current and emerging situational awareness products from Gentex as key operator interfaces.

In addition to this concept, Spearpoint provides our customers access to the complete range of Gentex modular headborne systems including ballistic and bump helmets, helmet mandibles, situational awareness/communication headsets, eyewear, respirators, and headborne power/data systems and other ancillaries.

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