Crye Precision Compact Assault Ghillie

Crye Precision


Snipers aren’t the only people on the battlefield who benefit from concealment. The Compact Assault Ghillie™ is a lightweight, low-bulk concept in assaulter concealment. It's light and small enough to carry with you or wear full-time. Laser-cut 3D shapes physically break up the most visible human outline – the head and shoulders. Removable rear dual-layer panel folds forward over to conceal a long gun or binoculars. The open cut and featherweight materials allow massive airflow and prevent overheating.

Stuff sack mounts to MOLLE or a belt.

Made in the US from US materials.

Packs into baseball-sized pouch for compact stowage
Laser-cut 3D shapes
Removable dual-layer cape

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