Dark Energy Poseidon Nano

Dark Energy

Please note that this item cannot be mailed via Express Post as its UN classification prohibits it from being transported by plane.

  • Poseidon Nano is designed for maximum portability. Despite its small size, it holds more than enough power for your devices while on the move.
  • 40% smaller (almost half the size) than its Poseidon Pro cousin.
  • A powerful battery the size of your wallet.
  • Charge by MagSafe, Mavrik wireless and USB-C.
  • Durable, tough & reliable.
  • Will survive 6 weeks+ in freezing temps.
  • Holds a charge for 2+ years.


  • Poseidon Nano,
  • 0.9m USB-C to USB-C cable.
  • Two-year warranty.


  • 3000mAhr:
    • 5-8 hours smartphone power
    • 4+ hours camping accessories
    • 6+ hours camera gear
  • Dimensions 10.2cm L x 6.8cm W x 1.2cm H
  • Weight 107grams
  • IP67 water-resistant

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