DefenCell M1 Expeditionary Force Protection System

J&S Franklin


DEFENCELL M1 is a larger version of the popular LITE tactical  barrier. The M1 is one metre wide and offers increased ballistic  protection against a wide range of blast and ballistic threats. Lightweight and with a low packed volume, the M1 is easy to handle and deploy. The filled unit is 4.90m long and 0.70m  high, equivalent to over 300 sandbags.

The proven cellular structure combined with the strong and  durable geotextile fabric create a stable long lasting barrier providing protection from small arms up to 20mm and from substantial IDF attacks from mortar and rockets. The nonmetallic construction ensures no secondary shrapnel threat, ricochet or RF interference.

The cells can be filled with a wide variety of locally available or imported fill materials from earth and sand to small rocks.  DEFENCELL can be easily filled by hand or with any form of  mechanical equipment. Successive layers can be added to build structures and these are described in other data sheets.


System Characteristics:

  • Lightweight - 9.6 Kg
  • Fast and easy to fill
  • Fully tested
  • Minimum 3-year field life
  • Fill with sand, gravel and rocks
  • Fill manually
System Characteristics:
  • Fighting positions
  • Bunkers and Colpro
  • Compartmentalisation
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Critical Infrastructure

    DefenCell has been extensively tested:


    •  High Temperatures/ Low Temperatures 
    •  Humidity/Contamination by Fluids 
    •  Direct Sunlight/ UV Degradation 
    •  Blowing Sand 
    •  Mildew Fungus / Corrosion Resistance 
    •  Fire Safety Performance 


    •  Ballistic testing 
    •  Blast Mitigation


    4.95 x 1.00 x 0.70m


    NSN 5680-99-936-3781

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