DefenCell T3 Expeditionary Force Protection System

J&S Franklin


The DEFENCELL T3 is three cells wide and provides a minimum 1.65m of protection when filled. The T3 is a module of the DEFENCELL Force Protection System and is compact and easily carried, an unfilled unit weighing just 9kg. When filled, a single T3 makes a wall section 4.9 m long, 0.6 m high and 1.90 m wide, and stacked three units high to 1.60m, produces a wall equivalent to over 1,300 sandbags.
Units can be filled with anything from earth and sand through to small rocks. This makes it particularly suitable for mountainous or dry arid areas. Individual units can be stacked on top of each other to make higher walls, placed alongside each other to provide greater protection levels and stacked on larger T4 units for higher structures.
The T3 is ideal as a base for building walls, protection for fuel and water storage, bunkers and guard posts as well as providing ballistic protection to buildings. It can be dropped from height with no likelihood of damage making it ideal for remote locations.
Independently tested, a single width T3 will protect against small arms up to 25mm cannon, including 20mm and 14.5 mm calibre, as well as a direct hit from medium and large mortars or a near-miss from mortars and rockets. Its all textile construction means no secondary fragmentation from metal or plastic components.
T3 can be filled by hand, with shovels or with any form of mechanical equipment. Unlike sandbags, T3 needs no tamping or specific building technique: simply fill it and compact by treading however care should be taken to prepare the ground when building higher walls. A filling frame is provided to ensure accurate, quick building.
System Characteristics:
 Lightweight - 10.0 Kg

 Lightweight and compact

  • Fast and easy to fill
  • Minimum 2-year field life
  • Fill with sand, gravel and small rocks
  • Fill manually or with plant
  • Fully tested against small arms and cannon up to 25mm
  • Protect against mortars, rockets and other fragmentation weapons
  • All textile - no secondary fragmentation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy disposal

        DefenCell has been extensively tested


        • Build perimeter walls
        • Bunkers & Guard Posts
        • Fuel & Water store protection
        • Protect critical equipment
        • Road barrier/Chicanes
        • Vehicle inspection lanes & ECP


        •  High Temperatures/ Low Temperatures 
        •  Humidity/Contamination by Fluids 
        •  Direct Sunlight/ UV Degradation 
        •  Blowing Sand 
        •  Mildew Fungus / Corrosion Resistance 
        •  Fire Safety Performance 


        •  Ballistic testing 
        •  Blast Mitigation
        •  Vehicle Barrier (K12 & PAS68) (T3 & T4)


        4.90 x 1.90 x 0.60m


        NSN 5680-99-724-8465

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