Guardian Angel Elite Series Wearable Safety Light Gen 3 [SPECIAL ORDER]

Guardian Angel


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Guardian Angel’s Elite Series was designed with a core belief that personal lighting devices will make the world a safer place. Developed with the latest in LED technology that allows the personal safety device to be seen for more than three kilometres, the Elite Series device is the most advanced wearable safety light on the market today.

  • Weight – Approximately 85g
  • Size - 6.9cm x 4.8cm x 2.5cm
  • Durable – Water proof, dust proof, shock proof, IP68 Rated
  • Extreme Battery Life – Rechargeable lithium ion battery with a runtime of up to 150 hrs
  • Charging - USB Type-C charge cable (included) with 90-minute charge time
  • Visibility – Rated 8km+ of visibility using high powered LEDs 360° WEARABLE LIGHTING
  • No. of LEDs - 18
  • Device Edition – GA ELITE SERIES™


  • Stealth Work Light Feature – Single red LED work light for low light environments
  • Enhanced Work Light Feature – 4 high powered white LEDs offer hands free work light
  • 360° LIGHTING Patterns – Front and Rear LEDs can be set as Constant On, Constant Flashing or Scrolling Sequence
  • Four Different Brightness Settings – Low, Medium, High and MAX
  • Built in Magnet Mounting System – Built in Neodymium magnet and corresponding magnetic base mount (included).  Mount can be placed under any clothing, device attaches to outside of clothing - 10kg+ of force
  • SOS Flash Pattern Mode – Quick button hold sets device to SOS flash mode
  • Independent Light Controls – 4 different light controls provide maximum lighting versatility, including an all flash emergency mode

Changes from the previous model:

  • Addition of Velcro strap system on the magnetic mount
  • Charge port moved from the back to the side for ease of charging while mount being used
  • Additional button to control the top LED independently

In the box:

  • Wearable Light
  • Magnetic Mount with Velcro strap
  • USB-C charge cable

Accessories (Sold separately):

  • Universal Clip Mount with Magnetic Mount
  • Small Universal Clip Magnetic Mount
  • Magnetic Cone Mount Attachment
  • Velcro Clip Magnetic Mount

The following colour combinations are available by request for approved customers only:

Blue / Blue
Green / Green
Green & Yellow / Green & Yellow
Orange / Orange
Red / Blue
Red / Green
Red / Red
Red & Yellow / Red & Yellow
White & Blue
White / Green & Yellow
White / Green
White / Orange
White / Red & Yellow
White / Red
White / White & Red
White / White & Yellow
White / White
White / White MultiFunctional
White / Yellow
White & 

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