Guardian Angel Elite Series Wearable Safety Light Gen 2 [CLEARANCE]

Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel’s Elite Series was designed with a core belief that personal lighting devices will make the world a safer place. Developed with the latest in LED technology that allows the personal safety device to be seen for more than three kilometres, the Elite Series device is the most advanced wearable safety light on the market today.

  • Lightweight – Approximately 3 oz/85 g
  • Durable – Water proof, dust proof, shock proof, IP68 Rated
  • Long Range Visibility – Rated up to 4 miles of visibility using high powered LEDs, 360°-degree illumination
  • Built in Magnet Mounting System – Built in Neodymium magnet and corresponding magnet clip (included) attaches to nearly any surface
  • Stealth Work Light Feature – Single red LED work light for low light environments
  • Enhanced Work Light Feature – 4 high powered white LEDs offer hands free work light
  • Independent Light Controls – 4 different light controls provide maximum lighting versatility, including an all flash emergency mode
  • Four Different Brightness Settings – Low, Medium, High and MAX
  • Enhanced LEDs - With upgraded LEDs emitting up to 3-8 times the brightness of the previous gen, which has allowed for the addition of a fourth brightness setting (MAX)
  • Extreme Battery Life – Rechargeable lithium ion battery, with a 15-20% improvement in overall run-time compared to the previous generation
  • Type-C charging connector - Upgraded from Micro USB to Type-C, the Guardian Angel is now easier and faster to charge. Previously taking 4.5 hrs to charge via Micro USB, the new gen can charge from dead to full in less than 2 hrs, even with the longer lasting battery
  • LED battery indicator - By holding down the R button, LEDs on the backside of the device will animate, showing the amount of battery life left
  • Heatsink on the PCB board - With this new heat sync, the outside of the device remains at about same temperature even while the LEDs are on the brightest setting
  • Tether attachment - All devices have a small built-in hinge where the tether can be attached (the tether sold separately). NOTE: On previous gen devices that do not have this hinge, you can partially unscrew one of the small screws on the bottom of the device, loop one end of the tether around it a few times, then screw it back down.

The following colour combinations are available by request for approved customers only:

Infrared Hybrid Red/Blue
Infrared Hybrid Blue/Blue
Law Enforcement Red/Blue
White/Blue & Yellow
All Infrared

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