Ops-Core FAST® Low Profile Ballistic Appliqué



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Designed for use with Ops-Core FAST® SF Carbon Composite Helmets, this unique hybrid design using Carbon and Uni-Directional Polyethylene materials provides a lightweight, two-piece, scalable helmet protection solution against 9mm and frag threats. Quick, repeatable, and tool-less attachment to the helmet using VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop, Ops-Core ARC Shim and rear retention strap. The top and rear sections are can be worn together or separately to allow for complete configurability.  


  • Designed for Ops-Core FAST SF Carbon Composite Helmets
  • Hybrid design using Carbon and Uni-Directional Polyethylene materials
  • Offers lightweight, scalable helmet protection against 9mm and Frag threats
  • Quick, repeatable, and tool-less attachment
  • Thickness of Applique is 0.290 +/- .030in (7.36mm +/- 0.762mm)
  • Finished with a durable Polyurea protective coating

Performance Specification
*: Designed and tested in accordance with Ops-Core PS-1349 Low Profile Ballistic Applique (LPBA) Specification

Ballistic Testing:

Environmental Resistance: Temperature -Storage and Operating at Ambient, Cold -60° F (-51° C), and Hot +160° F (71° C), Temperature Shock, Flame Resistance, Altitude, Seawater, Field Agent Resistance, Weatherometer

Shell Construction: Two-Stage

Available Sizes: Medium (M), Large (L), X-Large (XL) and XXL

Thickness: 0.290" (7.36mm)

Geometry (Curvature): FAST

Available Colours:

Weight (Maximum): 

Medium - 1.35lb (612g)
Large - 1.42lbs (644g)
X-Large - 1.55lb (703g)
XX-Large - 1.74lb (789g)

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