RolaTube - 3" Single Lightweight Mast Systems




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Designed for heavier antennas and mesh network use, these masts are light and small enough to be carried by dismounted forces as well as minimizing the volume required for vehicles carriage. As with all Rolatubproducts, the systems are designed to minimize the size and weight of package carried and preserves the ultra-lightweighadvantage of composite masts whilst avoiding their fragility.

Quick and simple to deploy, it may be used either fully extended or partially rolled out. Unlike metal or carbon composite masts, the thermal signature of BRC masts is minimal.

Thmasts are based opatented Rolatube technology. Formed from custom manufactured composite materials, the mast rolls up in thmanner of a carpenters tape measure but, uniquely, is stable in either the coiled or extended form.

Rolatubmasts are:

  • Reliable No moving parts or joints to fail
  • Lightweight Composite structure offers exceptional strength to weight.
  • Rugged Thermoplastic composite is highly resistant to impact. Even after significant damage it will retain most of its structural strength
  • Proven Over 800 masts in operational use by UK and NATO forces.
  • Compact Whole system fits to bag size of 250mm x 180mm

Mast Length Options:

  • 3" x 3m Single Mast System
  • 3" x 4m Single Mast System
  • 3" x 5m Single Mast System

System Characteristics 3" 5m Single Mast System:

  • Mast length 5m Load (guyed at full extension):  3.5kg
  • System weight (with cloth covered mast):  2.7kg
  • Operational temperature range: -25 to +80oC
  • End Caps:  UHMW Polyethylene
  • Mast and Header: Glass/Polypropylene composite

3" Single Mast System Contents:

Consists of all parts required for field deployment:

  • 1 x 3inch diameter mast with 500 denier Cordura covering of Black, Green or more specialised cloths on request.
  • 2 x mast end caps spigot hole sizes of 23mm as standard. Can be changed on purchasers request.
  • 3 x guy tidy
  • 3 x guys additional guys and mast attachment available for heavier top load capabilities.
  • 6 x pegs. Either pin or V shaped pegs can be supplied
  • 1 x carry bag

3" Single Mast System Options:

  • Optional Antenna Mount
  • Optional Adaptor
  • Optional Side Mount
  • RolaCage


Spearpoint are happy to quote for any specific customer requirements, including variations in cover materials, pegs and spigot hole sizes to fit any antenna. Other mast lengths and head weight capacity available on request.


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