RolaTube 7m Integrated Antenna Mast (IAM) (30-88MHz & 225-512MHz)




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RolaTube Technology’s 2nd generation ground breaking 7m Integrated Antenna Mast system comes in three variants, Dual Band (UHF and VHF), VHF and UHF only.

Completely removing the need for separate mast and antenna units, the IAM systems integrate a high gain dipole antenna into the structural composite of the mast, so the operator simply deploys the mast and plugs the radio directly into the mast connection point..

This unique and patented capability out performs any existing mast technology used in dismounted comms environments – exceptional portability, reliability, durability and speed of setup/recovery.

Weighing just over 8kg and with a packed size of only 30cm x 43cm x 38cm, RolaTube IAM systems are designed for use in winds up to 60mph (100kmph).

The following accessory kits allow improved RF capability without compromising portability:

  • Lightweight L-Band antenna system mounted on top of the mast with low loss lead dropping to the ground level
  • HF Dipole wire accessory kit, allowing the mounting of horizontal or sloping HF wire aerials

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